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How to Find the Best Snow Pushers: 8 Features to Look For

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While winter may be over, it will return and you'll want to be prepared.

So before that next snowfall hits, spend some time learning about snow pushers or plows.

There are several features you should look at when looking to purchase one.

Since they are an investment for either your business or your home, you want to make the right choice.

So here are 8 features to look for when trying to find the best one for you.

Why Snow Pushers Can Work for Your Needs

There are several reasons why someone would want to buy a snow pusher.

They can use it for either commercial reasons or for their own personal use.

Here's when you know you need to buy one:

  • There are areas of your driveway that are hard to clear.
  • You need to contain as much snow as possible
  • You want to keep it simple - no moving parts
  • You don't need to back drag
  • Your budget is limited

Now that you know you need one, let's start diving into finding the right one.

1. What Type Will Fit Your Needs?

If you're in the market for a snow plow, there are actually several choices you can make.

It all depends on the type of vehicle you have.

  • Trucks & SUVs: You can choose between a manually adjustable plow or a remote controlled hydraulic plow.
  • Cars: Even cars can have snow pushers attached. They also don't require hydraulics or hitches and can be attached to either the front or the back. Also great for spreading sand.
  • ATVs: There are plenty of ways an ATV owner can use a snow pusher. You can use them for:
  1. Exploring
  2. Hauling lumber, etc.
  3. Towing items
  • Tractors & Zero Turn Plows: A lawn tractor can be just as useful as an ATV for your needs.
  1. Tow-behind dethatchers
  2. Tow-behind lawn sweepers
  3. Snow pushing for long driveways and sidewalks

So now that you know about snow pushers and what's available, here's what to look for.

2. Does the Size Count?

Snow box plows vary in size and budget. Often a business or individual will think that buying the largest and most expensive is the smartest choice.

Or sometimes that buying the smallest and the cheapest will be fine.

But snow pushers come in a variety of sizes, budgets, features and advancements.

So remember:

  • No road or parking lot is ever truly level: Roads tend to be higher in the center. Parking lot's will vary in levels and you can expect raised bumps and holes to be there as well.
  • Pusher size will affect the amount of snow removed and with what precision. While a longer one piece will pick up a ton of snow on its first run, it tends to keep the plow at the highest level and will miss lower levels of snow. A smaller plow allows you to have more control and be more precise.
  • Staff may be involved: It will affect your costs with the possibility of additional costs for labor, equipment, fuel, and salt.

3. Lighting and Control

How often does the sun shine when it's snowing out?

Visibility is a huge factor when looking at snow pushers to buy.

You want to be able to see well even if you're out there in a blizzard at night.

So here's what to look for:

  • A reliable & efficient lighting system: Try to find one with a high-output dual burning system
  • A system using a two-piece clamp design. It will keep your headlights in place.

If you choose a dual stud mounting system instead of a two-piece clamp, be aware that when moving its prone to moving and loosening.

4. Plow Materials Make a Difference

For snow pushers there are three types of materials available:

  • Poly: Snow won't stick. Also resistant to scratches, dents, and corrosion. Heavier than steel.
  • Mild Steel: Corrosion resistant but prone to dents and scratches.
  • Stainless Steel: The industry standard because they're durable, rigid, and valuable.

5. Choose Your Panels

While some of them may still offer the option of a fixed panel, stick to buying a mechanical side panel instead.

Here's why all of them should offer mechanical side panels:

  • Keeps snow contained
  • Eliminates excessive amounts of snow rolling off the sides
  • When well maintained, can last several years, even when driven by inexperienced drivers
  • Ability to lift off and clear obstacles. It's this ability that sets it apart from fixed panels by helping you avoid huge safety concerns such as:
  • Reduced damage to equipment
  • Protects the pusher
  • Protects the driver
  • Saves money by eliminating safety costs

6. The Best Cut

The cutting edge will affect the performance and the total lifecycle cost of the machine.

So pick wisely.

The cutter is designed to scrape and clean away compacted snow and ice. It reduces the need for further salting or snow pushing.

When it comes to cutting edges there are two choices:

  • Steel: More effective and durable. Also more expensive. Can be replaced in 24-to-32 inch sections.
  • Rubber: Doesn't last as long. The entire length of cutter needs to be replaced at once.

7. Easy to Use

Who wants to go out in the ice, snow, and cold and then have to struggle with attaching your snow plow?

If you're a homeowner, look for manufacturers that make pushers that are easy to attach.

Commercial businesses should also want ease of use with their plows as you may have to transfer equipment to other trucks.

8. Old Vs. New

Buying new is not always the best investment. Especially if you're starting a new business.

Used snow pushers can provide the same quality but at a lower cost.

Make sure the used snow pusher:

  • Has been inspected and appropriate parts have been replaced
  • Serious damage such as bent blades or beams
  • Damage to major components

Choosing the right one for your needs doesn't need to be complicated.

We love plowing snow. It's why our family turned our passion into a business.

We're here to help you find the right snow pusher for your commercial or individual needs.

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