Wright self dumping hoppers distributed by Express Steel

Are you wondering, “Where can I find self dumping hoppers near me in OH, IN, MI, PA, IL, NY, CA, or FL?” If so check out our huge selection here at Express Steel. We offer FREE SHIPPING  to any commercial address in the continental US. Our top of the line hoppers come in all shapes and sizes with different designs and utilities in mind. Do you need a low profile hopper, standard quick attach hopper, heavy duty hopper or a dust containment hopper? We’ve got it! How about a large four-yard, five-yard, or six-yard hopper? We have those too!

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1 Yard Wright Self-Dumping Hopper

1 yard wright self dumping standard hopper by Express Steel

wright self dumping hopper by Express Steel 1 yard.

Shown above is our most popular 1 yard self dumping hopper. Our self-dumping hopper is engineered to allow a individual to quickly and efficiently empty the hopper. It’s the perfect attachment for moving and dumping scrap, trash, debris, concrete, sand, dirt, stone, or any other bulk material (available in watertight as well). Hoppers are made to roll forward when loaded, dump completely and then automatically return to the upright position so you can lock it in place and go again. The 3″ fork slots accommodate most forklifts and pallet forks.

100% made in the USA!


We take pride in the craftsmanship and reliability that our hoppers offer. You do not need to ask yourself any longer, “Where can I find quality self dumping forklift hoppers near me in TX?” Our team will provide you with the best support there is since your satisfaction is always our number one priority. Not only is our quality unmatched, but our prices are competitive! We do offer a bulk or discount. Call the Hopper Girl today if you’re ready to make your job easier and cleaner with our hoppers!

Express Steel inc. offers hopper sizes from ¼ yard up to 6 yard.

Our self-dumping hoppers are 100% made in the USA with American Steel!


-Excellent customer service

-We offer casters & lids

-You can customize your hopper by ordering it as a watertight unit or a different color at no additional charge.

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