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You know that when it comes to snow, dealing with Mother Nature can sometimes be a real nightmare.

If a snowstorm or blizzard sneaks up on you, the consequences can be annoying – or outright dangerous. Don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare for a snowstorm.

Do you know how you’ll get out of your house? How you’ll clear a path to your car? Do you have the equipment you need to help out a neighbor who may be trapped by piles of snow?

Snow pushers provide solutions to all those scenarios. Having one will give you serious peace of mind. Plus, many snow pushers have multiple uses even outside the winter months, making them a great investment.

Here, we’re highlighting the 5 best types of snow pushers that everyone’s using in 2017.


These snow pushers are great for when you’re dealing with serious storms. If you live in an area where snow piles on and rises high in the winter months, you may want to consider picking up one of these snow pushers to make your life easier.

Backhoe snowplows work especially well on hills and are best used in larger driveways or patches of land.

Backhoes are often the best option for people who are just looking to relocate their snow, to push it aside so their car can get out of the driveway or to clear a path to their homes.

It’s also suggested that you use a set of pallet forks, or a form of load attachments, to keep the process safe.

As a bonus, your backhoe isn’t just a great option for dealing with snow outside your home. If you’re working on a commercial site, it’s an incredibly versatile piece of equipment.

You can even use backhoes to uproot a tree, to clear dirt out of the way, and to help grade (smooth down) a road!

So, if you’re running a construction company, or just do a lot of home improvement projects in your home and neighborhood, this is a great option for you.


This is a super-effective attachment for all snow pushers. It’s one you need to give serious consideration to, especially if a snow pusher you can maneuver easily is important to you.

Since skid steers are shorter than other snow pushers, they can turn quickly, meaning they’re great for tackling tighter spaces. They also allow you to plow in both directions!

Even better? Skid Steers give you hardcore down pressure, which means they’ll also help to remove and cut through ice.


These days, everyone is always looking for the craziest, most tech-friendly option when they’re buying anything. Snowplows and pushers are no exception!

The Home Plow by Meyer is an especially popular wireless model for 2017.

It can attach to SUVs, pickup trucks, and cars that have a front receiver hitch, meaning it’s more versatile than a lot of models. Best of all? Attaching it to your vehicle only takes a few moments.

You also don’t have to manually adjust the blade of your plow. Anything that allows you to stay out of the snow for as long as possible during a serious storm is a great feature!

The plow’s moldboard is controlled by a power unit that’s electric. The power unit is activated by a wireless key, so you won’t have to worry about losing a lot of time while it gets revved up.

This snowplow is a great option for a variety of snow-moving scenarios, from clearing your driveway to moving serious blocks of snow on a construction site.

It’s also especially strong in angling, so you can be sure that turning and adjusting the plow will be a pretty easy process.

Even better? Most of these electric and wireless models are surprisingly affordable, meaning that you don’t have to break the bank to get the plow that’s right for the job.


These aren’t just cute…they’re super-effective as well. Even better? They’re much easier to store than traditional, larger snowplows and attachments.

Mini snow pushers are great for personal use. If you live in an area where snowfall is pretty unpredictable from year to year, this is the perfect option for you.

They’re also great for clearing off shorter driveways, or simply the steps leading up to your house.

They’re also a wonderful alternative for those looking to get the benefits of a larger-sized snow pusher for a fraction of the cost.


Luckily, not all snowfalls call for snow pushers. Sometimes, to get out of your home or to clear your driveway, all you need is a shovel – and a seriously warm jacket.

In recent years, snowfall has been consistently rising in the Northeastern part of the United States, so being prepared is key.

Still, no matter where you live, a snow shovel should be a part of your emergency/disaster preparedness kit. If you’ve got a flashlight, First Aid Kit, and extra batteries, don’t you think you should get a shovel, too?

This year, options with ash handles are especially popular, as they won’t hurt your hands as much as other models. Go for shovels with a steel blade, which are more durable and allow you to lift heavier loads.


Thanks to this list of 2017’s top 5 snow pushers, you’re ready to take on even the baddest of blizzards.

When you’re purchasing your snow pusher, don’t forget to also pick up some replacement rubber to keep your snow pusher functioning safely and properly even in the most severe winter storms!

Make sure you’ve looked to confirm that the snowplow will attach to your vehicle. It’s always best to ask a customer service representative, just so you’ll be sure to avoid errors.

Looking for more tips on how to clear out snow efficiently? Whether you’re looking for equipment for personal use, or for your company, we have everything you need to keep things running smoothly in any weather. Check us out!

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