250x72x45 C-Lug Rubber Track


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These 250x72x45 C-Lug tracks will fit the following models: Avant Tecno Dumper 1200, Avant Tecno Dumper 1500, Baraldi FB203, Bertani C-75, Bobcat 220, Bobcat 320, Bobcat 322, Bobcat MT85, Bobcat MT100, Boxer 118, Chikusui CC800 (new), Chikusui GC640 (version 2), Ditch Witch XT850, Ditch Witch XT855, Ecomat EB14 (new), Ecomat EB14.4 (new), Ecomat EB16.4 (old), Eurocat 210HVS, Eurotrac Chasis T4 (old), Foredil FM16, Foredil FM18V, Foredil FM19RSV, Foredil FM19VR, Gehl M135, Gehl MB145, Gehl MB165, Gehl MB1135, Gehl MB1135S, Hanix FC15, Hanix N06, Hanix N060, Hanix N120, Hanix N120R, Hanix VC15, Hanix VD15, Holmac HZC35, Holmac HZC35T, IMEF ME1400H, Macmoter M1, Macmoter M1 Minropa, Macmoter M1S, Macmoter M2, Macmoter MB135S, Messersi M08E, Messersi M16, Messersi M18, Messersi M20, Mitsubishi MS010, Nihon Flex Snow plow, O&K 2.1City, O&K City, O&K RH1, O&K RH1.1, O&K RH1.15, O&K RH1.2, O&K RH2, O&K RH2.1, O&K RN1.1, O&K RN2.1, Pazzaglia FZ120, Pazzaglia FZ150, Pittman Panther, Scat Trak 104TL, Scat Trak 114, Scat Trak 114S, Scat Trak 115T, Scat Trak 116, Scat Trak 116S, Scat Trak 118, Scat Trak 118S, Scat Trak 118SV, Scat Trak 214S, Scat Trak 216S, Scat Trak 218SV, Scat Trak 219RSV, Scat Trak 220R, Scat Trak 516, Scat Trak 520, Schaeff HR02, Schaeff HR2 (old), Silla ME1400H, Terex HR02, Vermeer CTX160, Vermeer CX218, Vermeer CX219, Vermeer S800TX, Vermeer S925TX, Yamaguchi WB1000-3 (minidumper)


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Our tracks use a heavy-duty rubber compound that is resistant to cuts, tears & punctures. This offers a longer life span that typical rubber tracks. Inside these tracks are dual continuous steal belts, which allow for fewer track adjustments and longer life than tracks with overlapping steel cores.

The drop-forged steel inserts are hot dipped in a highly engineered bonding adhesive, which allows them to be more durable and withstand even the most extreme conditions.

These tracks are designed to exact OEM specifications, so they will install perfectly on your machine.

We offer a 2 year, hassle-free, industry-leading warranty!


Please note that tracks are an imported item as there are no USA manufacturers for rubber tracks.

All track returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.


C-Lug Tread

C-Lug tracks are a staggered pad tread patter in the shape of a C, offering a smooth ride on most terrain. The C-Lug exerts less ground pressure than other types of tread, so it is especially appropriate for sensitive terrain. We also offer Zig Zag tracks, which are designed for maximum traction and are ideal for snow removal, farming, and much more.

Click HERE to view our Zig Zag Tracks.


We offer tracks for nearly every major make & model of skid steer & excavator. If you do not see the size you need, please call our office at 317-657-5017!

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Track Specs

Width: 250 mm
Pitch: 72 mm
Links: 45