1/4 Yard Wright Self-Dumping Hopper


See additional information below for specifications.

  • Add a set 4 casters to any hopper - (2) fixed and (2) swivel. Includes hardware.
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Our self-dumping hopper is engineered to allow an individual to quickly and efficiently empty the hopper. It’s the perfect attachment for moving and dumping scrap, trash, debris, concrete, sand, dirt, stone, or any other bulk material (available in watertight as well). Hoppers are made to roll forward when loaded, dump completely and then automatically return to the upright position so you can lock it in place and go again. The 3″ fork slots accommodate most forklifts and pallet forks.

  • Constructed in the U.S.A. with quality American steel
  • 3/16” steel base
  • 12 gauge steel sides
  • 3” Fork Opening
  • Strong, easy-to-operate latch
  • Safety Chain included to wrap around the mast of the forklift to prevent the Hopper from coming off the forks
  • Fully welded seams
  • Overall Approx. Dimensions:  44-3/4″ Long x 33-3/4″ Wide x 22-1/4″ Tall
  • .25 cubic yard volume
  • 4,000 lb capacity
  • Weight:  275 lbs
  • Painted gray
  • Watertight available upon request

100% made in the USA!

Additional information

Weight 275 lbs
Dimensions 44.75 × 33.75 × 22.25 in
Capacity lbs

4,000 lb.


3/16" steel