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General Questions

All of our products are ready to use, just cut the banding holding the freight to the pallet and hook up and go hard! The only product that requires assembly is our pallet forks. Just attach the fork to the frame and you are ready to go.

Our in-stock items typically ship the next business day and take 5-10 business days to reach most of the United States.

We offer a one-year craftmanship warranty on non-wear items. Wear items such as brush cutter blades or rubber cutting edges are not covered by warranty.

Please call our offices at 317-657-5017 before making a choice that may void your warranty. (Example: drilling holes in the end of your pallet fork tines or attaching a steel cutting edge to one of our snow pushers are just a couple examples of things that will void your warranty).

Attachment Questions

Our brush cutters are made to be ran in standard flow if you fall within 16-26 GPM (gallons per minute). If your flow rating is higher than 26, you will need to upgrade your motor to high flow.

If you have the two arms or levers that come down and lock into place, you have universal quick attach. For questions on your hook up style and example pictures, please visit our mounts page.

Our specifications sheet can be found in the pictures under each loader mount listing. Please measure according to the sheet and use the measurements to see what mount is right for you.

Snow Pusher Questions

Our size recommendations are based off the horsepower of your machine. For example, we recommend a machine with 40+ horsepower when using our 8’ XP30 Pushers. If you know the horsepower of your machine, you can call our office and we can get you a recommendation.

All our rubber is adjustable and reversible. Our 1 x 6” rubber is a harder rubber; we recommend sticking with this option if you are pushing on gravel. Our 1.5 x 8” rubber is a softer rubber, but it is thicker and typically longer lasting. The decision to upgrade rubber is entirely up to you.

No, we do not. Also note, if you buy your own steel cutting edge and attach it to one of our snow pushers, it will void your warranty.

Our pull-back bar is used to back drag snow. You can pull up to a structure, such as a garage door, and turn the box over so that the pull-back bar is on the ground and drag back to the clear the area. You will need around 100 degrees of rotation in the arms of your skid steer when you raise it approximately 30” off the ground.

We highly recommend front shoes if you will be utilizing the pull-back bar often. The front shoes serve as protection for both the snow pusher and the surface you will be back dragging.

If have any remaining questions regarding our products and/or services, please call our office at 317-657-5017. We would be more than happy to assist you! Our office is open M-F 8am-4:30pm.