Choosing the best brush cutter

What’s the purpose?

From mulching thick, rough grass to breaking down the densest areas of trees, shrubs and vegetation, our ES Attachment Brush Cutters for skid steers, track loaders, and compact tractors are the perfect attachments for the more demanding jobs.  Our brush cutters are reliable, simple to maintain, and guaranteed to increase production time.

How do I determine what size brush cutter I need?

We offer five styles of brush cutter, the 42” Toro/Dingo Brush Cutter, 42″ Mini Bobcat Brush Cutter, 60” Standard Brush Cutter, 72” Heavy Duty Brush Cutter, and 72” Extreme Brush Cutter. The flow rate varies for each line. The 42″ requires 13 to 26 GPM, the 60″ and both 72″ models require 16 – 26 GPM. Each cutter should be operated in standard-flow and comes fully assembled with a reinforced steel deck and mount. The one-piece forged steel heat treated axle and double edged, bi-directional blades will tear through those tough overgrown areas. The smaller brush cutters, such as the Toro Dingo, Mini Bobcat and the Standard, have a cut capacity of 3-4 inches while our Heavy Duty and Extreme brush cutters have a cut capacity of 8+ inches. The Toro Dingo brush cutter can be used on any size machine. The 60″ brush cutter is best suited for machines up to 60 horsepower, the 72″ HD is the best option for machines with 60 – 95 horsepower, and the 72″ Extreme model is great for those large machines with 80 plus horsepower. All brush cutters are 100% manufactured in the USA.

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